Aubry, “the real candidate.”

PORTRAIT EXPRESS – Aubry, on leave from his post as first secretary, is in the starting blocks in 2012.

ENA graduates, one daughter and Mayor of Lille … Here, the portrait express Martine Aubry, a candidate for the primary PS.

The time of application – At 60, Martine Aubry, the first secretary of the PS, 27 June formalized his candidacy for the primary from its socialist stronghold of Lille to the Gare Saint-Sauveur, a former freight yard become a cultural center.

Its slogan, his ideas – "We must never lose touch with reality. Here it is in reality. It allows you to avoid forgetting the essential" … It will be understood, is as Martine Aubry the candidate of "real" as opposed to a bling-bling president cut the population. It was positioned to include a cap paychecks (in public enterprises) and the return of youth employment.

His feats of arms Highlights – First Party Secretary, Martine Aubry natural legitimacy to run for president in 2012. It can also claim to have been able to unite his party for the regional and cantonal.

Weaknesses – According to its critics, Martine Aubry There is little empathy or sympathy among the French. Having long been reluctant to enter, she appears a candidate who does not really want to go to the Elysee.

In his private life – Born August 8, 1950 in Paris, she is the daughter of Jacques Delors, former Finance Minister and former President of the European Commission. Divorced and remarried in 2004 to the lawyer Jean-Louis Brochen Lille, she is the mother of a daughter, Clementine.

CV – technocrat, seconded to the State Council between 1980 and 1981, Martine Aubry worked at the Department of Employment and Social Affairs from 1981 to 1987 and then spent two years in the private sector, management of the Pechiney Group. Minister of Employment and Solidarity in 1997, she resigned in October 2000 to devote himself to the municipal election campaign in Lille. After the failure of the left in the presidential election of 2007, she was elected in November 2008 First Secretary, against Ségolène Royal during the Congress of Reims.

WEIGHT IN THE CAMPAIGN His place in the polls – According to recent surveys, Martine Aubry is on a par with François Hollande in the nomination contest.

His supporters – The First Secretary boasts the longest list of support within his party, Benoît Hamon (left wing) Jean-Christophe Cambadélis (kahniens-Strauss), to Bertrand Delanoe and Laurent Fabius. Sandrine Bonnaire as personalities have also Coralie in his campaign.

What Sarkozy thinks of it – for Nicolas Sarkozy, whose remarks were reported in Le Parisien she was "wicked" and "the French do not vote for bad people."

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