Banon Tristane denies being "manipulated"

She spoke for the first time since his complaint against Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

In a taped interview, which aired on France 2 hours 20 Wednesday, Tristane Banon, who filed a complaint against DSK for attempted rape, spoke publicly for the first time since the beginning of the case. "I thought for eight years that do not bear complaints, listening to my mother's advice, journalists, one could forget," she said, justifying having complained so long after the facts. But she thinks now that "the only way is to forget to complain."

DSK The case, which erupted on May 14, "a fact that the problem arose once again that I have not asked," she says. "The world press took hold of my story to every scandal DSK. There they handed me in front of me again. And for a year and a half, I have a lawyer who I know is able to follow through if I complain, "she said.

"I did not ask"

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"DSK has a lot of memory problems" On the defense of DSK, which says that the interview with Tristan Banon in 2003 was normal, the latter said: "This is not because we continuously repeats a lie it becomes the truth. " "DSK has a lot of memory problems for me," she pointed.

Finally, she insists: "I have not been manipulated," "neither my mother", "or by the UMP mayor of Boulogne" (she is a member of the Economic and Social Council of this city for ten years) . "At 32, I know take my decisions alone," she Assen. To those who say unbalanced, and seeking to make the pub, she replies: "These are attacks that low I expected."

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