Library Europe 1: Selection of June

The books that the jury reads for you this month.

After our library literature of women, the Library prepares your Europe one summer reading with a selection 100% thrillers.

The Nine Dragons: an investigation of Harry Bosch Michael Connelly (Threshold police officer)

Presentation of the editor:

At the police station in Los Angeles, this kind of anonymous call is not startling, especially not Harry Bosch recently sent on a murder in Chinatown, he suspects the activities of local triads racket. Hanging up, he is convinced he was right. It remains to prove … The main suspect in his obstinate silence, and the inspector Chu, teammate detached from the Asian Crime Unit, frankly did not seem trustworthy. Concerned about the survey, Bosch has not found the time to read the video message sent by his daughter the night before. She is 13 and lives just in Hong Kong, with her mother. The laptop screen lights up on a vision of absolute horror. The anonymous caller and the message of his daughter suddenly collide: the worst nightmare of his life has just begun.

A traitor to our liking John Le Carré (Editions du Seuil)

Presentation of the editor:

Spring 2009. On the island of Antigua. A Russian oligarch, threatened by rivals with the support of the Kremlin decides to deliver his intimate knowledge of the international circuits of money laundering mafia in exchange for the protection of Her Majesty's secret service and the opportunity to be welcomed with his family in England. The oligarch, portrayed in a way that it attracts, at least in part, the reader's sympathy, mobilized for this purpose a young British couple on holiday on the island and intended to put him in contact with the said services. Everything about tennis brought them together. The Caribbean island in the finals Federer / Soderling at Roland Garros, to the hushed recesses of the Swiss banks and the romantic scenery of the Bernese Oberland, the frame

narrative allows the author to present a rage, both the extent of economic issues in question and the duplicity of actors whose cynicism seems to have matched only by greed or lust for power. "The floor was given to men to conceal their thoughts," said Talleyrand. The use of the word creates an alienation among the characters. It creates a struggle between the naive who suffer alienation and cynics who exploit for their benefit. The war is here at the beginning and the end. And always, she crushes the weak.

The army furious Fred Vargas (Viviane Hamy Editions)

Presentation of the editor:

At the heart of the Crime Squad, the Commissioner Adamsberg goes about his business. While Veyrenc, his former rival in the Pyrenees, is still reluctant to return, the rest of the team evolves peacefully: Rettancourt remains the great "power generator", the cat said, "The Ball" is still asleep on the photocopier, with Danglard his glass of white wine develops an immense knowledge, Mercadet is still half asleep, Froissy made round trips between its reserve of food and his office.

A little old lady waiting for the Commissioner on the sidewalk, it comes from Normandy. They do not go, but there she wants to talk to him. One night in his village, his daughter saw the "Army furious", that is to say a cohort of living dead who comes off the worst people in the area. Murderers, thieves, those who have no conscience feel threatened. This old legend is a sign that many murders will occur. Far from his constituency, however Adamsberg will accept up to investigate, in the village terrorized by wild rumors and superstitions. Aided by local police, his son (whom he discovered in a place uncertain), and a few accomplices, he tries to protect poor people against bad luck.

The Wall, the Kabyle and the sailor Antonin Varenne (Editions Viviane Hamy)

Presentation of the editor:

A harsh journey in time: 1957-2009. In the months before his death, the father had decided to say his "refusal" to go to Algeria, and the penalty that followed: the assignment in a DOP, one of those places for the " intelligence gathering by torture. " The talent of Antonin Varenne did the rest. An exercise on the thread of emotion and the need to exorcise.

The Wall, the Kabyle and the sailor … A struggle against forgetting. 2009. On a ring, a boxer observed uncompromising opponent he will face, a boy of twenty years … Ignoring of Manichaeism, the novel moves through the accuracy of the humblest of his characters, such as intuition dreams of a generation devastated.

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