The plan of anti-hooligan Hortefeux

The Minister of the Interior created a special department against the hooligans and strengthen the police presence around the stadium.

Hortefeux wants to end the violence in football stadiums. While a supporter of Toulouse died Tuesday following a sustained attack in mid-September in Belgrade, and several incidents have recently marred the championship of France, the subject is burning. “We can no longer tolerate a situation where fathers are afraid to take their children to matches,” said on Tuesday the interior minister, who wants to “eradicate violence from stadiums.”

A section in the fight against the hooligans will therefore be created, “directly to the central director of Public Safety: the National Division of the fight against hooliganism” said Wednesday the Ministry of Interior. This new service will mission of “better coordinate our intelligence capabilities with those responsible for security on the ground, better identify at-risk individual cases in order to question them and punish them, not only administrative (stadium bans), but also justice” says the place Beauvau.

Moreover, according to the Interior Ministry, at least 2,500 men and women (are) mobilized for each day of the championship and for some days at risk until 5000. ”

The Interior Minister had convened Wednesday all prefects of departments concerned to present his plan. Is unprecedented, the presidents of the major clubs in Ligue 1 were also present.

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